Viv Thomas – Linda Sweet And Nata


Linda Sweet And Nata – Naked Passion
Released: October 17, 2018

Sexy yoga addict Nata returns to bend and stretch her naked body in episode three of Nik Fox’s erotic movie series “Yoga Love.” This time her partner is stunning redhead Linda Sweet, and their spiritual harmony naturally develops into a sexual connection when they relocate from the garden to the bedroom. Kneeling and facing each other on the bed, they kiss and Nata flicks her tongue over Linda’s rosy nipples teasingly. Encouraged by Linda’s smile of pleasure, she runs her fingers though her friend’s flame-red bush and showers it with sensual kisses, then laps at her pierced clit. As Nata’s tongue flies up and down Linda’s juicy slit, the gorgeous redhead moans with excitement, growing louder when Nata effortlessly slips a finger deep inside her soaked pussy and frigs her hard. Linda rocks up to meet Nata’s thrusting finger, driving it deeper, trembling uncontrollably as her orgasm sweeps through her. She kisses her pussy juice from Nata’s lips before straddling her pretty face and grinding down on her tongue, stimulating her own clit as Nata licks her to a second, even more intense climax. Dripping with perspiration, Linda spits on Nata’s shaved pussy and runs her fingers up and down its fleshy folds. Dipping two fingers deep inside her pussy, she rims her tight asshole, driving her wild. She rubs Nata’s creamy pussy with a rapid circular motion to push her over the edge into a howling orgasm. As they wind down in each other’s arms, it’s clear that while they love yoga, they love fucking each other so much more.

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Viv Thomas – Katy Rose And Nata


Katy Rose And Nata My Mind Your Body
Released: October 10, 2018

Flexible beauties Katy Rose and Nata engage in a spiritual and physical workout as episode two of Nik Fox’s erotic movie series “Yoga Love” begins. The tranquility of the yoga session gives way to passionate sexual interaction when they go indoors, kissing and embracing avidly, turned on by each other’s hot body. Gorgeous brunette Katy pulls down Nata’s top to fondle her pert breasts, licking her nipples to stiffness. She sucks Nata’s pussy through her panties, then peels them off, spreads her legs and slides two fingers inside her shaved pussy, lapping at her clit to drive her wild. Katy strips naked and climbs up onto the table with her perfect ass in the air so horny Nata can eat her from behind. Nata uses her tongue and fingers on Katy’s smooth shaved slit, making her moan and quiver with excitement as she bucks back to meet her lover’s thrusting fingers, squealing as a powerful orgasm rushes through her. Smiling with delight, Katy rolls onto her back and Nata straddles her to get her drenched pussy frigged. The insatiable babes finger-bang each other to another climax each, so turned on by the experience of sharing “Yoga Love.”

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