Nubile Films – Mary Kalisy


Mary Kalisy – Angelic
Released: November 10, 2018

It’s a beautiful day, and Mary Kalisy decides to celebrate by going outside and stripping as she approaches Matt Denae. By the time she reaches him, she has discarded her t-shirt, shorts, bra, and panties. Matt is unaware that his sumptuous lover has her eyes on him, so when she appears from behind like a nude angel he is pleasantly but thoroughly surprised.

Leaning forward to capture Matt’s mouth in a lingering kiss, Mary only breaks if off when she decides it’s time to come around the couch and crawl on top of her lover. Reaching down, she strokes the bulge in Matt’s pants before setting his stiffie free. She draws her treat close and sucks the tip with absolute pleasure. Stroking and sucking, she gradually brings Matt’s fuck stick to full attention before finishing her blowjob with another deep kiss.

Climbing off the couch so Mary can lay down in the spot he just vacated, Matt waits until she’s comfortable before bending his head to sample her musk. Finding Mary’s twat sweet and wet, Matt applies himself completely to using his tongue to eke out every ounce of pleasure for his lover. He keeps it up until Mary’s head falls back as she’s suffused by orgasmic pulses. Only then does he cease his pussy feast so he can curl up behind her and enter her as he spoons from behind.

The spooning sex is sweet and intimate, but Mary is more interested in getting pounded hard enough for a big climax. She rolls onto her hands and knees with Matt positioned behind her, then moans in delight as he slides balls deep. When she leans forward so her bottom wiggles in the air for Matt to bang, the luscious orgasm that rolls through her is a pure release.

Letting Matt take a break, Mary urges him to roll onto his back so she can straddle him. She leans forward as she takes his dick deep inside, rolling her hips in a slow and sinuous motion while indulging in sweet kisses. She remains bent forward as her pace picks up, shifting so Matt can fasten his mouth around her hard nipples to suck the tender peaks. As rides faster still, Mary finally rises to an upright position that lets her really let loose until she’s properly satisfied.

On her back once again, Mary parts her thighs to welcome Matt inside one last time. HE takes the gift she offers, pumping her full of cock until she enjoys one last delightful orgasm. Pulling out of the warmth of Mary’s sheath, Matt strokes his hardon as he aims at Mary’s nicely-trimmed mound to let go and cover her belly in a shot of hot love.

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Euro Girls On Girls – Mary Kalisy And Kathy Fuckdoll


Mary Kalisy And Kathy Fuckdoll – Lesbian Lust in the Sun
Released: October 12, 2018

Things are heating up over at Euro Girls on Girls with lesbian lovers Kathy Fuckdoll and Mary Kalisy, as they get hot and heavy for one another during their picnic outdoors. They are eye candy to behold in their pink tank tops and booty shorts, their athletic bodies looking quite scrumptious in ultra clear 4K. You’ll be wanting to tap some of that for sure! But first, they have to take care of their horny lust for each other.

Before they can dive into their food, Mary, the Russian blonde babe, is diving for Kathy’s luscious 34C enhanced tits with her lips and hands. Plenty of titty play ensues as she licks, sucks, and tweaks her nips. And then the two glamour girls take turns pussy licking and fingering one another, working themselves up for even more to cum…Bring on the sex toys!

Mary first fucks the Hungarian Milf to orgasm in doggy style with a strap-on and then Kathy gets Mary off by penetrating her with a pink vibrator. With their horny lust now satiated, they bring the DDF premium lesbian porn scene to a happy French kissing end.

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